What Should The Government Do?

What can the Government do to better support growth in the UK education export sector?


We believe that policy should be based on evidence.  We therefore urge the government to ensure that it has up to date data on international education and international students.  As a first step we believe the Government should request that ONS collate this data.  This should include:


  • 1) A monthly tracker of the export value of education (in the way that the Australian Bureau of Statistics collects this information)


  • 2) We believe that the Government could do more to support growth in the sector and should conduct a cross-departmental review of policies as they impact on the education export sector to ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach which promotes the removal of barriers to growth and allows us to compete effectively.


  • 3) We believe the Government could do more to promote British education abroad.  We urge the Prime Minster, Deputy Prime Minister and Business Secretary to prioritise and identify education-specific activities during UKTI trade missions to communicate the benefits of British educational institutions both at home and abroad.


  • 4) We believe that all three main political parties should commit to reviewing the inclusion of students in policy targets around immigration.

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