ExEdUK Statement of Principles issued

Press Release, 8 October 2013


This simple set of principles has been adopted to underline the commitment of ExEd members to maintaining the good reputation of British education internationally and to encourage best practice. It is aligned with the specific requirements of those ExEd members which are associations or umbrella groups rather than educational providers; these have their own criteria for membership which similarly safeguard standards


By joining ExEd UK, all members commit to promoting and enhancing the international reputation of British education and qualifications, including:

  1. Operating by ethical business practices and appropriate professional standards
  2. Delivering a quality experience to clients, with independent inspection where appropriate to verify this (see below)
  3. Establishing control processes to ensure that third party delivery of services conforms to the same standards as their own operations
  4. Ensuring that any agents or intermediaries acting for them are vetted prior to appointment and provide accurate information and professional  advice which respects the needs of clients. Various vetting processes will be used within the membership, but these should all be capable of verification and should involve both interviews and references
  5. Ensuring that they comply with all relevant legislation and regulation, including that relating to non-EU staff and students coming to the UK
  6. Being accredited by a recognized inspectorate where appropriate (ISI, OFSTED or QAA).


Given recent conversations between  Home Office Border staff and some members, we suggest that all members who have direct responsibility for students and have Highly Trusted Status should have a mechanism for ensuring that ALL their students (including UK/EU citizens) have the right to be educated in the UK. One way of doing this is by inspecting the passports or birth certificates at registration and retaining photocopies.